How does it work?

The 2021 UK Motorsport Academy is designed to give novice drivers a chance to get on track and race, without having to have a 5-figure budget! Here’s how…..

Enter your Qualifying event.

Pick your date and a venue for qualifying, you will get to spend
a 15-minute session in one of the Audi TT Trophy race cars, with an ARDS qualified race instructor. First, you’ll head off and start to learn the circuit and car, and then you’ll go on to show the instructor what you can do. At the end of each qualifying event, each instructor will put forward their best drivers of the day, and the top 10 on the day get to take part in the finals!

Once you have had your drive, you will then get a passenger lap session in our 700bhp GTR, driven by our professional race driver. We recommend that you bring some spare trousers for this one…..

Finals day

Finals day will consist of the top drivers from each qualifying event together, to battle it out to win the seat for 2022. Venue and date TBC, but for the lucky few it will be free of charge. You will get multiple sessions in the TT Trophy race cars, with different instructors. At the end of the finals day, we will choose the 2022 UK Motorsport Academy driver! 

The Prize.

The winner receives a fully supported drive in the Track Attack Audi TT Trophy* in 2022. You will be put through the required training to get your clubmans race licence, and you will get a full season of racing in 2022 in one of our TT Trophy cars. Absolutely everything is supplied, safety gear, entry fees, practice sessions, fuel, tyres, parts, all you need to do is turn up and race! You will get your own mechanic to support you, and get to race at some of the most well-known racing circuits across the UK.

*Images show 2019/20 season cars, Renault Clio Championship.

2021 Qualifying Dates

SOld out

16th August 
3 sisters circuit, wigan.

£ 169 .99
last few

8th September 
3 sisters circuit, wigan

£ 169 .99
last few

27th September 
3 sisters circuit, wigan

£ 169 .99

f.a.q. section

Is there a minimum age?

No. You just have to hold a valid UK driving licence.

How long do I get in car?

Each driver on a qualifying day gets 15 minutes in the car driving. Afterwards, you will get a hot lap in the Nissan GTR with one of our Pro Racing drivers.

What if it rains?

We run in the rain, the only time we would cancel is if the conditions impact safety, ie. ice/snow/fog. 

Will I have an instructor in car?

Yes. You will have an ARDS race instructor in the car with you. They are there to help you A) get the most out of the car B)learn the circuit and C)assess your driving.

Can I bring spectators?

This depends on the Covid protocols at the time of the event and the venue. Currently, most venues are allowing 1/2 people per driver to spectate.

Can I enter if I hold a race licence already?

Unfortunately not. We are looking for those drivers who have not had the chance to get on track yet, so it would be an unfair advantage. 

Is the GTR fast?

Yes. Very